It’s rare for a major television network to launch a religious show, whether it’s about Christianity or the Bible. That’s why the new development at CBS has put a smile in the faces of many, despite also coming to them as a surprise. The network launched a new sitcom called “Living Biblically,” launched on February 26, 2018.
The book is partially inspired by A.J. Jacobs’ book entitled “The Year of Living Biblically,” a book about a New York film critic called Chip (Jay R. Ferguson). Chip gets a Bible from a bookstore and makes a decision to start living a life directed by the holy book. Chip is determined in his pursuit to have the Bible direct his lifestyle. His decision is coming after he recently lost his friend, and his wife, Leslie (Lindsey Kraft), is expecting their first child. He’s at a crossroads and isn’t sure of what to do; that’s why he’s made a decision to start living a life inspired by the Bible.
When Chip comes home with the Bible and announces his decision to start living a Christian life, his wife doesn’t embrace the idea. She says, “What if I don’t want to raise our kid religious? I work in medicine. Faith isn’t so easy when you see the things I see all day.”
In his response, Chip says, “But you’ve got to have faith. I mean, what about sunsets, or season four of The Wire?”
In dismissing her husband, Leslie says, “What about super gonorrhea? Didn’t God design that too? And if so, why?”
You see a lot of such exchanges across the sitcom. While it’s comical, there are some real issues that “Living Biblically” is raising about the secular age.
The CBS sitcom is quite thoughtful and respectful, elements that are likely to see it attract more viewers.
The twist in “Living Biblically” is interesting; it’s a sitcom meant to appeal to both Christians and atheists and trying to balance it in such a way that neither side feels offended by the content. It’s a very tricky balance, considering that it’s a show that’s expected to run for some time. The makers have to be very sensitive so as to ensure they don’t touch on the extremes that may end up putting away some of their viewers.