By Carl Hansen
The source of our Hope is the God of Hope. He alone is the Source and giver of Hope. He is also the mirror of this great hope, because God wants us to be encouraged and persevere in this life everyday. That is why He is not only the God of Hope but of peace to to His people.
Thus if we lack Hope the first place we should look for is God, who shows us way of true Hope. Knock on His door like the friend asking for bread at midnight. (Luke 11:5-8) until He gives it to you. Remember what Isaiah 11:10 cites, “In Him Shall the Gentiles Hope.” Him refers to Jesus Christ the promise of Salvation that comes to all Peoples through Him.
What a blessing to know we have a God of Hope, Who is also our only Hope for eternal life.
God bless and keep HOPE ALIVE in Christ.
Romans 15:13