The year 2018 is set to be an historic year for Bible translation, according to
Wycliffe Associates.
Bruce Smith, the leader of the Bible translating organization, said that interest in Bible translation has “gone viral” and that the organization is translating the Bible into more languages than ever before.
Wycliffe has been able to make even greater progress in Bible translation due to modern Bible translation technology and methods.
“This is at a pace – and at a scope around the world – that is really unprecedented in the history of the world,” Smith stated, according to “And so as that happens, inevitably, the Christians in the surrounding communities – and even countries – get curious about how it happens so quickly, and why it’s happening. And when they find out that the tools and resources for them to steward God’s Word for their own people are now in place, that’s what creates that readiness … and that desire to have Scripture sooner – instead of later.”
Wycliffe has already translated the New Testament into 193 languages in the past three years, and this year they have received requests for 600 new translations which they plan to launch soon.