As a child of God, your Heavenly Father sees you as an EAGLE. In several portions of the Scripture you will see why God sees you and me as eagles because unlike any other common bird. The Eagle symbolically means strength, power and closeness to God.

These are the three keys of God is giving to us to be soaring overcomers. That is why not matter what you have been through the past months, God still wants you to focus on what He is able to do for you by using the eagle’s eyesight to seeing God’s supernatural ability in our lives.

Your supernatural eyesight of God means what you could not accomplish in the past eight months in your- God will do it for you in the next four months. He is gracing you to go beyond the mile to distances.

The challenges came alright, but God didn’t allow you to fall but to push you out of your comfort zone so that it teaches you are not only meant to fly but SOAR always because of the Father’s Love.
Isaiah 40:31