Pastor and author Alistair Begg urged Christians in the United States on Sunday to maintain a biblical worldview in the face of a culture that has “dismissed” their beliefs, claiming that today’s church is constantly pressured to affirm sin and secularism. Begg, the pastor of Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio, and the voice behind the Truth for Life radio broadcasts, made the remarks nine days after the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that legalized abortion nationwide.

According to him, the high court’s decision and the reaction to it highlighted a major clash of worldviews. According to Begg, the United States is inhabited by “two tribes with completely different values, beliefs, and goals.”

“We are increasingly aware of the reality that we are living as sojourners and exiles … in a world that was once very, very familiar to us, and one in which we felt increasingly at home,” Begg said, referencing Christians.

Believers today, he said, are increasingly asking themselves: “What does it look like to live in a Christian country that doesn’t like what Christians believe?”

Begg based his sermon on 1 Peter 2:11-12, noting that the Apostle Peter called the Christians of his day “sojourners and exiles.”

“There is no social benefit now to being a Christian in North America,” Begg said. “… There is a prevailing hostility against the teaching of the Bible, and therefore against those who will affirm the teaching of the Bible,” Begg said. “… We’re living in a culture that has actually dismissed Biblical Christianity.”

The modern debate over pronouns and terms such as “marriage,” Begg said, is another example of the clash of worldviews. The modern worldview, he said, is based on relativistic beliefs that prioritize what the individual feels.

“The self, you, and I… are at the center of the [modern] moral universe,” Begg said. “… Young people are growing up being told that how they think, feel, and desire is the key to their entire existence.”

“… Either we are operating from a worldview framed by the thought-forms of the age, or we are operating from a worldview grounded in God’s will – no room for compromise,” Begg said.


Christians must love those who promote unbiblical beliefs, according to Begg. Begg said of members of the LGBT community, “We do not hate, but we also do not affirm.””We cannot hate because of God’s Word. And we cannot affirm because of God’s Word. And we have to be prepared to say that we are unprepared to rewrite the Bible in order to accommodate a society that needs the Bible – and that needs the unbiblical beliefs,”

Christian during Peter’s day, Begg said, also faced a clash of worldviews.

“Our focus is not on a kingdom on this Earth – not a British kingdom, American Kingdom, Chinese kingdom … but on the kingdom of heaven,” Begg said. “Our enemy is not a tyrant, not an emperor, not a president. Our enemy is the great dragon, Satan, the evil one.

“Let’s make sure that we understand our identity, people of God, people who are free servants of God, sojourners and exiles. Let’s make sure that we engage in the activity that we’re called to engage in – abstaining from that which may bolster our self-esteem and destroy our souls. And instead, let’s make sure that we are an advert for the gospel.”