Israel & New Breed, the three-time GRAMMY Award-winning group, has announced the release of their upcoming live album, ‘Worship Anywhere,’ which was recorded at Camp NewBreed in Nassau, NY and will be available on October 7. The 14-track project features energetic collaborations with Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, DOE, Nate Diaz, and others, and it’s all led by six-time GRAMMY winner, songwriter, and producer Israel Houghton.

In anticipation, the band has released two instant grat tracks, “New Breed Anthem” and “Miracles, Signs, and Wonders,” both of which are available today. The songs include both a joyful, stomp-clap singalong that sets the tone for the album and a dynamic, feel-good groove.

With songs such as “Wrong About You” and the album’s title track, which feature driving acoustic guitars, heart-thumping rhythm sections and a breathtaking choir, or “Campfire Coritos,” which is sung entirely in Spanish, ‘Worship Anywhere’ is an uplifting experience with something for everybody that is sure to have people joyfully jumping out of their seats.

‘Worship Anywhere’ Tracklist

1. New Breed Anthem
2. Miracle, Signs and Wonders
3. Fun (Feat. DOE)
4. Wrong About You (Feat. Joe L Barnes)
5. Yes, Jesus Loves Me (Wrong About You)
6. Witness (Feat. Cristabel Clack)
7. Blessing and Honor (Feat. Anna Sailors)
8. Worthy (Blessing & Honor)
9. Flow Like a River
10. Certainly
11. Need to Know
12. Worship Anywhere (Feat. Linny Smith, Chenee Campbell)
13. Campfire Coritos (Feat. Claudette Bailon, Adriene Bailon-Houghton, Nate Diaz)
14. Spirit Medley (Feat. Lucia Parker, Onaje Jefferson)

Israel Houghton is a six-time GRAMMY®-winning gospel singer-songwriter, band leader, and innovator whose 20-year career with the musical collective New Breed has taken him around the world, growing and adapting in surprising ways over a very transformative stretch of music and cultural history. Since the release of his first studio album in 1997, Houghton has looked to the live performance format as a means to blur the lines between band, family and audience, including 2004’s ‘Live From Another Level’ and 2005’s ‘Alive in South Africa,’ the latter of which won the GRAMMY® Award for Best Traditional Gospel Album. Houghton would later take home three awards for Best Pop / Contemporary Gospel Album and eventually a Best Gospel Album award for 2015’s ‘Covered: Alive In Asia.’ Israel recently welcomed his first child with wife Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, baby Ever James.