Every human has fallen short of the glory of God and whoever says he doesn’t sin lies. That basically means no one is pure before the LORD and that it’s only God who’s capable of purifying us to become acceptable to Him. As a Christian, therefore, you cannot despise repentance as every leap you make in your service to God is precipitated by a span of repentance.
Is there a time you can come before the LORD and feel you’re perfect? If your answer is yes, you need to re-look at your salvation. We all stumble, knowingly or unknowingly. In all such cases, we cannot receive forgiveness from our God without repentance. Even when you can’t pinpoint a sin you’ve committed, there is never enough of repentance, considering that we stray even in our thoughts.
What does the word repentance bring to your heart and mind? Does it give you a picture of sackcloth and tears? Does it make you rejoice that it’s a platform to renew and purify your walk with God? If that’s the case, know that God’s grace is sufficient and He’ll purify you so that you become acceptable to Him.

Our salvation isn’t a matter of the church doctrine, where you examine the commandments in which you’ve fallen and bring repentance. We know that when it comes to the law, we’re all condemned because we cannot make it with our own flesh and blood. What does that tell a Christian? Well, it basically means the law of grace is higher than the law of Moses. In grace, however, we’re not justified by our deeds as none can meet God’s standards on their own.
We repent everyday because we know that it’s out of grace that we’re accepted by our LORD Jesus. Grace came as a result of the Blood of the only begotten Son of God; the Holy Lamb of God who left His throne in Heaven to come live a life of trouble, so that we are redeemed. That grace is sufficient and it’s only poured to those who carry a contrite heart; a heart that’s repentant; a heart that understands it’s not worthy; a heart that constantly seeks the favor of God.
At times it’s teachers who don’t feed the sheep right. Instead of themselves being repentant, they present themselves as holy and deserving in the presence of the LORD, thinking that by appearing infallible, they’re helping the sheep. Unfortunately, everyone, regardless of whether you’re a pastor or Bishop, must always