Is the Bible really the Word of God? This is a question that many people have been asking, including some who claim to be Christians. Yes, there is a group among Christians who’re skeptical about the Bible, not sure whether or not it’s truly the Word of God.
There is this one skeptic who asserted to Ravi Zacharias that it’s not necessary for people to have the Bible or Christianity to be moral, pointing out that non-Christians aren’t seen constantly running around committing crimes.
To answer him, Zacharias shot a question back at him, asking, “Do you lock your door at night?” Then he continued by explaining that subjective morality isn’t the answer to our problems, taking into account the fact that not everyone wants to be nice. In that, Zacharias was explaining to him that the Bible acts as our guiding principle and that it has helped bring some control among the masses.
This critic asked Zacharias what the people are afraid of that they feel the need for the Bible to guide people on what to do. He pointed out that even in a secular country like China, people don’t just go around killing each other and committing all manner of criminal activities.
But Zacharias explained to him that China and Russia, secular nations, ended up becoming the countries that killed the highest number of people in the 20th century, simply because when ‘man’ is left to follow subjective morality, each and every person is guided by their own feelings and the result is destruction.
Zacharias reminded him that human beings are inclined to commit heinous acts, that’s why there is even the need have laws, the police, the military, and the courts. Surely, why would a country spend billions of dollars on developing military equipment, manufacturing guns, and bullets? Are they for killing animals? Unfortunately, they’re for killing people.
In short, Zacharias was telling this brother that subjective morality cannot work; not because of unknown consequences, but because history already tells in certain terms that it cannot work.
Zacharias pointed out the Mao Zedong Red Guards rebellion that resulted in the death of millions of people. He also mentioned the Boxer Rebellion that saw the killing of millions, with the rebels fighting against foreigners, colonialists, and Christians, with the events happening towards the end of Qing rule. Zacharias gave the example of Joseph Stalin, who’s known for killing a whopping 15 million of his own people, but even at the time of his death, he still believed that whatever he was doing was right.
Zacharias concluded by saying that subjective moral reason is a great idea, but that would only work where everyone wanted to be nice and love each other. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and all we’re seeing are killings in cases where subjective morality becomes totally ‘subjectivised.’
In a Facebook post, Zacharias wrote , “The Bible is the Word of God, and God cannot err. So, to deny inerrancy, rightly understood, is to attack the very character of God. Those who deny inerrancy soon enter the dangerous terrain of denying all Scriptural authority for both doctrine and practice.”