Bible with each word listed alphabetically for each book of the Bible was just released by a group of creatives called Sideline Collective, The Christian Postreports.

The project is called “Bible The.”

According to the project’s website, “Each book is completely reorganized from A-Z.” 

The group claims that “this distills each text down to its lowest common denominator. It highlights the importance people tend to place on the order of said words – and their meaning – and allows for new and interesting interpretations of the written word, in much the same way as an abstract painting might.”

Reportedly, the project is meant to show how people focus a little too much on word order rather than trying to decipher the meaning of the words and what the Bible is actually saying.

“Starting with the first book in the series – ‘Bible The’ – the entire King James Bible, is reorganized and reprinted in alphabetical order. The result is a reductionist interpretation of the text that reveals some fascinating observations,” the project’s website says.

The group claims that the Bible has “likely unconscious and cultural” biases that may have changed how we were supposed to read it.

By listing off the number of times certain words were used, the group concluded that the Bible may have cultural biases toward white men and a positive message.

For example, the word “good” is used 720 times while the word “bad” is only used 18. The word “love” is used 308 times and “hate” is used 87 times. The group compared several other words including, saints and sinners, blessed and damned, and enemies and friends among others.

According to Joseph Ernst, a founder of the company that released the project, “the end result is an entirely new Bible, ‘Bible The,’ with its algorithm rewritten so that the book can be seen and analyzed without the author’s bias.”