Transformation Church just concluded a one-day “blessings spree Sunday” where the congregation gave away $3.5 million in donations and gifts and even gave one family $250,000 to buy a new home.

According to The Christian Post, of the money given away, $1.55 million of it went toward helping other churches and an additional $1 million went toward charitable organizations. Additionally, $200,000 was given to help people pay off individual debts.

Pastor Michael Todd, the pastor of Transformation Church, told his congregation that “The whole mission of this message was to show you more than I could tell you. Transformation Church gains nothing from blessing these people and organizations personally but the reputation of the Kingdom of God is expanded because of what God did through us today.”

Christian Headlines previously reported that Transformation Church recently ran into trouble in their community. The church received several noise complaints and eventually, authorities even threatened to shut the church down. According to the church’s social media director, Chris Harvey, creating excessive noise was never their intention. Instead, “We see people from our city and all around the world being able to come to this space and feel like they’re at home, it’s just special,” he said in a statement.

Reportedly, the previous owners of the church’s property also received several noise complaints.

The church bought the SpiritBank Event Center in Bixby, Oklahoma for 10 million dollars and subsequently bought a mall complex where the proceeds will largely go toward helping the poor after paying off the church’s financial debts.

Transformation Church has always been active in the community and has made it their priority to be a welcoming and inviting church. “Many times we try to meet their spiritual needs without meeting their physical needs,” Todd once told the congregation in a sermon.