President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, and Paula White, a televangelist who is also Trump’s spiritual advisor, came together to hand out hundreds of boxes of food to the poor at a Virginia Church.

The distribution was part of the USDA’s Farmers To Families Food Box program. They handed out more than 500 boxes together, though the program has reportedly handed out more than 3.2 billion boxes to date, including more than 129 million boxes full of meals this year

In a tweet, Ivanka stated “Our Farmers to Families Food Box program continues to feed billions of meals to families in need across the Nation – over 3.2B to date! Grateful to spend the morning this Holiday Season in VA passing out boxes loaded with fresh & nutritious food sourced from local farms.”

On an Instagram post, Ivanka further stated “During this pandemic, our Administration has supported small family farms, kept our food suppliers employed and fed billions of families in need through our Farmers to Families Food Box Program.”

Ivanka Trump and Paula White hand out food to those in need

According to the FDA’s Farmers To Families Food Box program page, more than 3.6 billion dollars-worth of food has been purchased from farmers as part of the program. The program is part of the Coronavirus Relief act initiated by the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. According to Ivanka Trump, 16,000 non-profits have been helped by the program.

Additionally, in an Op-Ed she wrote for the Fayette Observer, Ivanka stated “Through our Farmers to Families Food Box Program, we are supporting over 200 farms and distributors and over 5,000 American jobs. This program is working for everyone, which is why we will provide an additional $1 billion for our Farmers to Families Food Box Program. This new commitment will provide certainty for those in need and to our American farmers and ranchers who feed, fuel and sustain our great Nation.”