Jesus People,” the newest album from Acclaimed Contemporary Christian artist Danny Gokey is finally out and available now to download/stream on all digital platforms. The 41-year-old Milwaukee native delivers this spectacular full-length studio project with 12 tracks featuring guest appearances by Koryn Hawthorne (“We All Need Jesus”), Christine D’Clario (“Cristo Es Necesario”), and Angie Rose (“Do For Love”).

Sharing the inspiration behind the new project, Danny pens on Instagram; “This project was inspired by the life of Jesus and how His presence has been a staple throughout history. He was a figure that brought the broken, the hurting, and those that had lost their dreams together in a unifying way, and that’s something I aspire to do

He added saying “We are in times where everything is trying to pull us apart and divide us. Jesus said they would know us by our love and His love is for everyone. I pray these 12-songs bring you hope, encouragement, and comfort and ultimately remind you of the unconditional love and truth that unites us

“Jesus People” is co-produced by Jordan Sapp, Colby Wedgeworth, Louis York, AJ Pruis, and Hank