A pastor in Oklahoma recently shared that a man came to Christ after discovering a Bible he had misplaced 15 years before.
Pastor Paul Daugherty, pastor of Tulsa’s Victory megachurch, shared the story in a Facebook post titled “Crazy Story.”

“Meet Clayton – he found this old Bible at a shelter 10 years ago and started reading it, not knowing who that was but seeing all kinds of little journal notes, underlines, and scribble thoughts next to scripture verses from the Old Testament to the New Testament,” he wrote.

Clayton, according to Daugherty, admitted to reading the Bible on occasion over the years “cherished those scribbled thoughts and notes just as much as the Bible verses Clayton recently “surrendered his life to Christ… and broke free from a lot of stuff.””

Clayton showed up at Victory last weekend after his conversion and asked Daugherty if this was his Bible.

“He showed me the Bible tonight at church and asked if I knew who it was!!? It was my old Bible from middle and high school, which I had misplaced and hadn’t seen in 15 years!!” Daugherty penned the piece.

God used my old scribbled-in Bible to save the life of this man, who is now saved, set free, and has brought his entire family with children to church tonight!!!! “WORD IS ALIVE AND POWERFUL!!!” he exclaimed.

Daugherty’s post, which received 14,000 likes, featured a photo of him and Clayton holding a large, worn-out Bible. Users in the comments section, according to Church Leaders, praised God for the testimony, with some praying that their lost Bibles would also lead someone to Christ.

“My Bible… the one I spent hours a day poring over as a teen…the one I took to Bible college… That was stolen before we moved out of state, and it was full of notes and memories of time spent with the Father “one user commented “For so long, I’ve lamented the loss of that Bible… the wrinkled pages from tears of revelation, the verses I could recall… Another person’s testimony is another person’s prophecy! I’ve never heard a story so similar, and I’m hoping for a similar outcome!!”

“Absolutely love how God uses our imperfections to touch someone else… if you’ve ‘lost’ something, don’t sweat it, trust that God knows where it is, and it’s not wasted!!” said another user.

Source: Facebook