Kennedy & Carrington, the beautiful daughters of multi-platinum artist Kirk Franklin, expressed how much they love and adore their father in a recent post tied to Father’s Day (June 17).
“F or a man to be raised without a father, you’re doing an amazing job. for a man that is always talked about for no reason, you’re doing an amazing job. for a man that makes an effort everyday to show his kids he loves them.. even when a certain won’t take it, you’re doing an amazing job” Kennedy wrote
“I love you dad so much and admire your spirit and kind heart, but most of all your sacrifice. you’re the first man i’ve ever loved and the first super hero i was in awe of. thank you for being so selfless and for being you. happy father’s day ” She Added
Sharing the photo above with her Dad, Carrington wrote;
“You didn’t have an example or blueprint of what a father was. Basically while still a kid yourself, You literally learned on the fly. You sought counsel. You educated yourself. You admitted when you were wrong. You told your children “I’m sorry” if you could have handled something better. You let us in on your mistakes in order to better ourselves. Even when you were exhausted, you bent over backwards to make it known that you loved us & will never stop loving us. You’ve been present & transparent in every way possible & I’m forever grateful, daddy. To not have a model, yet to still become the standard…you’re an anomaly dude. I love you. Happy Father’s Day, Pop. THE GOAT “
photo credit: kennedy & carrington instagram