Last weekend, Christians from multiple churches alongside elected officials in Ashland, Ohio partook in an act of corporate repentance and prayer before God in calling for a national and global revival.

Hundreds of people from the community gathered at the special event held on Saturday at Ashland’s Freer Field, a 78-acre park near the city, Frontlines Ohio reports.

The gathering is considered to be the first-ever “Sacred Assembly” in the area, as it featured a time of worship, prayer, and remarks from church leaders and several officials.

“There is a sense that GOD is doing many great things. GOD is re-writing the history of Ashland. I believe with all my heart there will be a great harvest by what has been prayed for here tonight. We are beginning to see the activity and orchestration of GOD,” said Pastor David McNeely of New Life Community Church.

State Rep. Darrell Kick, an assembly speaker, acknowledged the spiritual uniqueness of Ashland as his represented district. He also noted how a Bible study is held by several state lawmakers prior to casting their vote at the Statehouse. 

“There is the perception Ashland is a GOD-fearing county. As an elected official, I have noticed over the past couple of years there has been spiritual renewal in this area. After what I saw today, I am not aware of another district where the Mayor commits the city to Jesus Christ and a County Commissioner asks forgiveness for the sins of the county”, he said.

“I ask on behalf of the Commissioners and all the county officials that you would forgive us for the rebellion of the people of our land. We have all sinned.” County Commissioner Emmitt Justice prayed in repentance.

Then Ashland Mayor Matt Miller spoke and took part in dedicating the city to Jesus Christ.

“As I stand before you tonight, in the bright light of his Son, to the extent I am able, I give this City of Ashland to the LORD Jesus Christ. May this be a land where He rules supreme. May this be a land where His love is genuinely felt by believers and non-believers alike,” Miller declared.

He also thanked God for His protection over Ashland as he believes that the Lord protected the city from the COVID-19 pandemic as cases were minimal.

“The heart of this city (Ashland) is seeking GOD. … I believe with all my heart that is why GOD has protected and blessed the City of Ashland during one of the most tumultuous times in my lifetime and the city’s history,” Miller added.

The idea for Saturday’s Sacred Assembly came through a collaboration of about twenty-five churches associated with the local Ashland County Ministerial Association (ACMA).

Reverend John Bouquet, an ACMA member, told Mayor Miller that he found inspiration for the spiritual gathering when he read the book of Joel in the Old Testament, and the prophet called the southern nation of Judah to “call a solemn assembly” in repentance before God (Joel 1:13).

According to WMFD, Bouquet explained that leaders at the county, city, and state levels of Ohio were “strong in their faith.”

“I believe it’s one of the most unique counties in the 88 counties of Ohio that have strong leadership in all three categories of civic government, and I think that you all look at government as a ministry,” he said.

Bouquet also said that the AMCA want to establish a “Prayer Force” in September, where they plan on visiting a church for each day of the week in praying for revival, followed by more churches in the coming weeks.

“To have a Prayer Force over the City, over the County, can only ask God to do something special,” Bouquet said. “That really is the next step.”

Photo courtesy: ©Getty Images/Royalty Free