Popular CCM artists Jaci Velasquez and Evan Craft are the latest Christian celebrities urging Christians to vote this November, asking members of the Hispanic Christian community, in particular, to cast their vote “in a way that most honors God.”

The two singers have joined My Faith Votes — a nonpartisan, faith-based organization that provides resources to help Christians “Pray, Think, and Act” — as spokespeople to encourage Hispanic Christians to vote in the upcoming elections.

“My husband and I have two amazing boys that are our pride and joy. We long to see a bright future for them and all of the children growing up in the U.S. today,” Velasquez, a Grammy-nominated artist, said. “We have opportunities each day to make a difference in that future, to honor God and to do good. This November we have the specific opportunity to vote. When we choose to vote in a way that most honors God, we can make a difference.”

Craft, who creates music both in English and Spanish, said he joined My Faith Votes to “help Spanish-speaking Christians think about their faith and its role in the public square and realize that their votes matter.”

“One of my greatest joys is using my artistry to promote my ministry. For years I have had the blessing and privilege of ministering to Latin and Spanish communities through music,” Craft said. “Art placed in the hands of God has the capacity to change hearts and lives and the world through intentional engagement and loving our neighbors.”

According to the Pew Research Center,  77% of Hispanic Americans identify as Christian, while 48% identify as Catholic.

As of 2020, eligible Hispanic voter numbers will reach 32 million; yet in the last presidential election, the majority of Hispanic citizens did not vote. Hispanic voter turnout was 47.6% in 2016.