Christian music star Kari Jobe is releasing a new album on Friday after releasing her single “The Blessing,” which quickly became popular in many churches across the globe.

Her album, which goes by the same name, is a live recording of songs that she wrote. “The Blessing” was the last song she wrote for the album and she says that she “felt compelled for it to be released quickly, which was a week before the pandemic hit. It’s just been such a journey,” she told The Christian Post in an interview.

The entire album was taped in her church, The Belonging Co., in Nashville, Tennessee.

One of the other singles off of the album released, titled “Your Nature” speaks to how Christians need to return to their first love, meaning Christ. “The heart of the song is also out of Revelation 2 where God says, ‘I want you to return to your first love.’ I love this line, He says, ‘Go back and do the things you did at first.’ If you think about when we first got saved, we didn’t worry, we were so grateful for mercy. We were so grateful for learning about forgiveness and learning that God cared and that God loved us,” she told The Christian Post.

The song, “Your Nature,” declares that God is good in every season. “The timing of ‘Your Nature’ on this new album, I’m just floored because we wrote it a year ago. I think had we released this song a few months ago, or even a year ago, I don’t know that a barren season would have connected as much. I don’t know that people would have felt like they were in a wasteland. But right now, they’re connecting to those words,” She added.