Actress Candace Cameron Bure has teamed up with The Salvation Army to showcase the ways people can help millions of families in need this holiday season. 

“Christmas is my favorite time of year for so many reasons. The biggest reason is that we celebrate Jesus Christ,” Bure told The Christian Post. “It can be a hard season for so many people and that’s why the work that I help do with The Salvation Army is so important — because there are so many people in need, especially during the holidays.” 

“While it’s a time of giving and should be a time of cheer, it can be very, very heartbreaking, especially for people who are struggling. Whether that’s financial, whether it’s just circumstances that they’re in — homelessness, needing food, just needing help and day care, and now with the pandemic, of course, that need has gone up.”

The “Fuller House” star, author and queen of Hallmark Christmas movies has been an ambassador for The Salvation Army for many years and linked arms with the Christian charity during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This holiday season, Bure revealed that she’s witnessed firsthand the increased services provided by The Salvation Army, resulting in a critical need for donations. The organization expects to see a 50% decrease in donations to red kettles this year as a result of social distancing and other restrictions in response to COVID-19. 

Twenty-three million people are helped annually by the nonprofit, which is expecting to serve 155% more people this year due to the increase in need. 

“The Salvation Army does everything and they help people long after disasters strike, long after the holiday season ends. They are always there,” Bure said. 

“A lot of retail stores aren’t open and there are safety protocols to go through, so they are expecting a decrease in the amount of donations but we’re so hoping that doesn’t happen,” she continued. “So if you know that you would go by the grocery store and drop a couple dollars in the bucket, we’re asking, please still do that, or please go to and that goes directly to the red kettle campaign.”report this ad

“Christmas isn’t canceled,” the actress declared. “We still want to be there to help. So we’re asking you to help us rescue Christmas to serve those in need.”

Along with her work with The Salvation Army, Bure will be releasing new Hallmark Christmas films this season and said her latest film is her favorite.

“My new Christmas movie is called ‘If I Only Had Christmas.’ I absolutely loved making this Christmas movie,” Bure gushed.

“I have to say that out of the nine Hallmark Christmas movies I made, this one is my favorite, which I’ve never said before. I’ve never picked a favorite one. But I love it so much because it’s a homage to my all-time favorite movie, ‘The Wizard of Oz.’”

The Hollywood star both developed the script and helped create the film.

When asked what her wish would be for the world this Christmas, the outspoken Christian gave a faith-filled response. 

“Honestly, my honest wish is for people to know Jesus Christ,” Bure replied. “It always is. It’s my goal in life. It’s my mission in life. I love people and I want to share with them the best news I’ve ever known in my entire life.

“That’s the good news of Jesus Christ and there’s no better time, there’s never a bad time, but there’s no easier time to share the Good News with people than at Christmastime because it’s the whole reason we celebrate.”