In an interview with Christian Headlines, blogger, author and host of the Happy Hour podcast Jamie Ivey shared how important it is for Christians to live their lives as their true, authentic selves in Christ.

Ivey, who was inspired to start her blog back in 2005 after she entered a radio host contest, shared that Christians tend to hold themselves back from living the lives God intended for them by getting caught up in comparisons.

“While on the road speaking, I began to discover that people seem to constantly be feeling less than and comparing themselves to others,” Ivey shared. “I want people to live their lives as themselves in being the person that God has called them to be.”

In today’s world of social media, Ivey shares that she felt especially called to tackle the issue of comparison, which is why she recently wrote the book You Be YouIn the book, Ivey explores many of the questions and comparisons that people deal with on a regular basis. 

“God is here to help us,” Ivey asserted.

This is why she believes that although the steps God calls his children to take will be different for each person, the steps are simple, and God wants us to take them. The first step, Ivey shares, is talking to God.

“I believe that we can pray and walk in faith at the same time,” Ivey said, asserting that if we both pray and walk by faith, we will find the direction God wants us to go.

“Allow God to close the door, he already has our lives planned out,” she added.

This may explain why Ivey, whose blogs have been downloaded more than 25 million times, believes that God has planned her life out to help His people walk in faith even in the uncertain world we find ourselves in.

“We can trust God in every step of our lives. I really feel like I’m just getting started,” she concluded.