Daniel Kennedy, an ordained Wesleyan pastor, recently directed a new docuseries “Healthy Long Life” highlighting how different countries use natural foods to combat diseases.

Kennedy told The Christian Post that people who have cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity are those who eat processed and refined foods.

“Foods that are high in protein, fat and sugar, and low in fiber, such as processed and refined foods, promote the production of the protein NF Kappa B,” he explained. “Multiple clinical studies demonstrate that higher levels of NF Kappa B are found in people who have cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.”

Conversely, people with decreased levels of NF Kappa B were less likely to deal with disease and live longer lives, he added.

“Most people realize that burgers, fries, milkshakes and pizza won’t help a person lose weight and get healthy. But not everyone knows what we should be eating and doing to promote health” Kennedy said. “We traveled the world for four years looking for health and longevity secrets in ancient healing traditions, longevity capitals, and top research organizations.”

He explained that the Bible contains references to spices that can be used “as food, preservatives, fragrances and medicine.” For instance, Ezekiel 47:12 and Revelation 22:2 “point to the tree of life that’s fruit was for food and its leaves are for healing the nations.” 

“The best use of spices and herbs today is for prevention” Kennedy explained. “Many spices and herbs contain polyphenols, which work at the level of the genes to inhibit heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.” 

“We found that around the world, including Israel, India and China, spices and herbs such as turmeric, chilis, garlic, coriander, and cumin are included in dishes daily. There are countless academic publications on the health benefits of such spices and herbs.”

“Healthy Long Life” which premiered five episodes throughout June last year, observes how healthy eating takes place in countries including India, Mexico, Israel, Europe, Japan.

In the first episode, a Christian father named Bradley Palmer shared how he successfully fought off cancer by turning to a plant-based diet.

Kennedy says now Palmer now runs an orphanage and a school in India “with all of the children who are blessed through his ministry.

“By fighting and surviving cancer, Brad is able to help children in India,” he added.

The docuseries looks at multiple health tips provided by everyday people, doctors, and renowned health experts on nutrition.