Thanks to a successful Giving Tuesday fundraiser, one of America’s most prominent Christian ministries will send 100,000 Bibles to persecuted believers.

Open Doors USA, a U.S.-based ministry that monitors religious persecution around the world, told Faithwire in late November that it had met its goal of raising enough funds to send 100,000 Bibles to persecuted Christians in places like Afghanistan, North Korea, and Nigeria.

According to Open Doors, it costs about $7 per Bible to “get Scripture and discipleship materials into the hands of a persecuted Christian.”

The fundraiser was designed to coincide with Giving Tuesday, which fell on November 30 this year.

The “greatest outpouring of support” the ministry has seen in the United States, according to David Curry, President of Open Doors.

The need is greater than ever, and it’s heartening to see Americans rise to the occasion,” Curry said. “It will have a huge impact on the lives of persecuted Christians all over the world.

The fundraiser began on November 23 with an email to supporters notifying them that persecution has increased in recent months around the world. The email, on the other hand, stated that “God’s Word can help so many people stand strong for Him.” According to the email, a generous Open Doors donor had provided a “challenge grant” to double the impact of any donation

Before the end of the month, Open Doors had met its fundraising goal. Brother Andrew, the organization’s founder, founded Open Doors in 1955 by concealing Bibles in his Volkswagen Beetle and driving them into countries where God’s Word was prohibited.

“Today, efforts to smuggle Bibles into the world’s most difficult places to be a Christian continue. “Nowadays, modern methods enable anyone to assist in getting Scripture into the hands of Christians living in places where religious freedom is not available,” Curry said in late November.

“We believe that people living in volatile areas should be free to worship or not worship as they see fit,” Curry added. “This includes making their own decision to own a copy of God’s Word rather than allowing the government or militants to make that decision for them.” We know from experience that having access to Scripture can provide not only spiritual growth, but also comfort and strength when confronted with adversity.”