More than 190,000 young people will have given their lives to Jesus Christ as a result of the efforts of a Christian ministry by 2021.

Groundwire, an organization that seeks to bring Millennials and Generation Z youth to Christ, reaches out to them through popular media channels.

“We aren’t going after atheists. The media would have us believe that everyone is an atheist, but 71 percent of Millennials [and] Gen Z believe that God exists “Groundwire’s president, Seth Dunn, told Faithwire.

“What we’re really good at is interrupting their entertainment — on their small screen — and bringing to light their need, their purpose,” he said. “We don’t need to persuade them that [God] exists. We must remind them that he is relevant, and that he becomes relevant when he intersects [at] that point of need in their lives.”


Groundwire says its approach has been extremely successful. In 2020, more than 116,000 young people made professions of faith, and in 2021, 192,000 came to Christ.