What began as a prayer walk in front of a Virginia school has evolved into a global ministry that distributes Bibles to school libraries.
Hannah Sailsbury, a former elementary school teacher, founded the nonprofit organization Bibles in Schools after God spoke to her and told her that she should donate Bibles to school libraries.

The initiative’s concept came to Sailsbury in 2018. While walking around the school, she would regularly pray for her coworkers, students, and families.

Months later, one of Sailsbury’s second-grade students approached her with a Bible from the school library, expressing curiosity about it.

“And God really opened my eyes to realize that if we have this old Bible in our school, why don’t we have a more engaging Bible that’s fun and has pictures in it?” she asks in a promotional video on her YouTube channel.

That day would pave the way for Sailsbury’s to launch Bibles in Schools in 2019, which has since distributed over 1,500 Bibles to school libraries in 43 states. In addition, the organization would have a global reach of six countries.

Given the great need for God’s Word, Sailsbury told CBN News that she had

“I never imagined doing this full-time. I was doing it because I saw God move; I saw Him at work “She made a comment. “And I knew I had to be obedient to His call on my life, and this is what He wanted me to do. And I could see the requirement!”

Sailsbury’s obedience paid off, and the ministry would soon go global.

Abijah, a Kenyan mother, needed Bibles for students in her after-school program but couldn’t afford them because she was a stay-at-home mom with no source of income.

resigned from teaching in order to devote herself to it.


“In fact, almost all of them lacked a Bible, and I used to pray to God, ‘How can I get Bibles to these children?'” In an interview with CBN News, Abijah said.

Abijah learned about Bibles in Schools from CBN’s The 700 Club and contacted the organization.

“When she contacted us, my first thought was, ‘How are we going to get Bibles to Kenya?'” CBN was informed by Sailsbury. “However, we were able to collaborate with Bible Society, and her brother drove three hours to get the Bibles.”

Abijah and her students thanked Sailsbury for delivering the Bibles in a video message.

“Thank you for the Bibles. God Bless You,” the children said in the video, repeating Abijah.

Bibles featured on the Bibles in Schools’ website are The Action Storybook Bible for elementary school students, The Action Bible for middle school students and The NIV Study Action Bible for high schoolers.