After her worship song about God’s goodness and healing power got millions of views on social media, a Christian music label recently signed a young Christian artist to a record deal. After her debut single, “In Jesus Name (God of Possible),” went viral on TikTok, Katy Nichole, a Christian singer and composer, earned a record deal with Christian label Centricity Music.

Nichole’s song was broadcast on the K-Love radio station before she signed with the label, marking the first time in the station’s 40-year history that a prominent Christian radio station launched a song that went viral on social media.

“In Jesus Name,” according to The Christian Post, was written during the COVID-19 pandemic and has special meaning for Nichole. Nichole was diagnosed with scoliosis and had to undergo spinal surgery before writing the song.

Nichole was immobilized from pain during her recovery from surgery, and she developed a case of depression. She had a follow-up procedure several years following the first surgery, in which the metal rods and screws used to straighten out her spine were removed.

After the second surgery, the artist testified to God’s supernatural power in a message to The Christian Post.

“I went into the second surgery, and when I came out, the fog of depression had dissipated. In that moment, I came face to face with the Lord “Nichole recalled something. “My spine was actually straighter when I obtained my X-rays following surgery than when the rods were in it. So when I say God can perform miracles, I really mean it because I’ve witnessed it.”

“There is no narrative that God does not care about. He is the greatest novelist of all time, and He wrote every narrative “she insisted. “I’ve been cured by God, therefore I’m confident He can heal someone else. I’m going to tell my story in the hopes of inspiring others to do the same.””I pray for your recovery /That circumstances would change /I hope that the fear inside would depart /In Jesus name /I pray that a breakthrough would happen today /I pray miracles over your life in Jesus’ name,” Nichole wrote in her diary entries.
Nichole, who recently relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, began singing in church at the age of 14. Her debut album is currently in the works. She also volunteers and acts as an ambassador for Shriners Hospitals for Children and Musicians On Call, respectively.In Jesus Name(God Of Possible) Katy Nichole