Trip Lee, an award-winning artist, pastor, author, and co-founder of the 116 Movement, released his seventh album, THE END, on Friday, March 4th, along with a new single and video for “Right Out The Gate.” The energizing “Right Out The Gate” finds Trip returning to his roots and doing what he’s always wanted to do: make dope music, challenge global perspectives, and direct people to the truth!

The roll out has been intellectually and visually appealing, from Kevin Hackett’s imaginative singles and album artwork to Nathan “Dust” Corrona’s dramatic video showcasing Trip’s acting talents. Trip Lee surprised 116 fans in 2021 with the release of a new song, “You Got It,” which was featured on the Reach Records Presents Summer ’21 Playlist. He swiftly followed up with “Supernatural,” a warm-up song for The End, and then “Stone,” an anthem produced by Mashell and Juice Bangers and accompanied by a music video directed by Dustbrandfilms.

Check out the new “Right Out The Gate” music video and the trailer below of Trip Lee having a conversation with four versions of himself! Don’t forget to order, The End.
Every ending is a new beginning, and The End is only the beginning of Trip Lee’s rebirth as a true musician, musical messenger of God, and a new day for those longing for a new take on the eternal message of hope in Jesus Christ.
An award-winning author, pastor, and artist, Trip Lee has released several chart-topping albums since his debut in 2006. He began rapping at the age of 12 and his storied career began after a mutual friend introduced him to Lecrae and Tedashii. A friendship developed and he signed with Reach Records while he was still in high school. His first Reach Records album, If Only They Knew, was released a few days after his high school graduation. His second album, 20/20 (2008), broke into Billboard’s Top 200 Charts, nearly reaching the Top 10 on Billboard’s Christian Album Chart. His fourth album, Rise, rose to the top of charts, debuting at #2 on the Billboard’s Rap Chart and #16 on Billboard’s Top 200 Chart. He released two fan favorites: Between Two Worlds (2010), The Good Life (2012), and won a Dove and Stellar Awards in the “Best Hip-Hop Album of the Year” and “Rap Album of The Year” respectively for his sixth album, The Waiting Room (2016).