Today and every day God wants you to call on Him. And more encouraging is the fact that He Himself invites us to call on Him: which means any situation from any situation, from any location, in any language, YOU JUST HAVE TO CALL!

You don’t have to be eloquent as there is no requirement of wording or posture for you to call on Him.
His invitation to call on Him is the assurance that He would answer us graciously. Our part is to ask; God’s part is to answer. Indeed, Christ is the answer!

Call on Him when you are comfortable, happy or sad and find His everlasting comfort.
Call on Him when you are guilty and need His Forgiveness.
Call on Him when you are worried and through His Holy Spirit you will hear His healing words.
Call on Him to show you and direct your steps.
Call on Him when your burden is heavy and He will give you REST!
Jeremiah 33:3