Some of America’s top Christian artists are partnering with the studio behind The Chosen this month for a special two-hour special featuring well-known Christmas music and an airing of a Christmas episode from the series.

For King and Country, Chris Tomlin, Hillsong and Mandisa are among the artists performing during Christmas with The Chosen, which is airing on TBN, UPtv, Hillsong Channel, BYUtv and YouTube.

The Chosen, produced by VidAngel Studios and directed by Dallas Jenkins, is the first-ever multi-season television show about the life of Christ. The Christmas special will include a sneak peak at Season 2.

The special was filmed at The Chosen’s Jerusalem set in Utah.

For King and Country’s Joel Smallbone told Christian Headlines that he and his wife, Moriah, are fans of the series. It is the largest crowdfunded entertainment project in history.

“I remember earlier in the year my wife’s parents, Tony and Patricia, sat down with Moriah and myself and said, ‘Hey, you have to watch this show’ – they were evangelical about it, and so we did,” Smallbone said. “… I would say from that day to this I’ve been a supporter of everything that show is doing.”

Smallbone said he hopes the Christmas special provides a message of hope during what has been a difficult year for many families.

“To be a part of this Christmas special, particularly in a year like this, which has been such a tumultuous year, to really focus in on the heartbeat of what Christmas is all about – through this special, through our music, through this show, and that is Jesus Christ – it is a lovely thing to do,” Smallbone said.

The Christmas special is airing just weeks after For King and Country released a new Christmas album, A Drummer Boy Christmas. The band performs the song Little Drummer Boy during Christmas with The Chosen.

Smallbone said he prefers Christmas songs that focus on “the true meaning of Christmas” – and “that is God coming to Earth in the form of a helpless baby to offer us redemption and a fresh start and freedom.”

“Sign me up for that,” he said. “I love that music. And in turn, that’s why we built the record around those spiritual songs the way we did. Because they’re our most beloved songs of the season.”

Photo courtesy: ©For King and Country

Video courtesy: ©The Chosen