Bible teacher Priscilla Shirer shares seven words during the Passion 2021 conference that will change the life of others.

The words that Shirer referred to can be found in the Bible from the book of John Chapter 15 verses 4-11 when Jesus told his disciples, “Abide in Me, and I in you,” The Christian Post reported.

According to Shirer, those “seven words” that Jesus told the disciples before His crucifixion and death are more than enough to change the lives of people.

With the past year being tumultuous enough, the Bible teacher, who starred in the popular Christian film about prayer, “War Room,” reminder her listeners of over 730,000 to abide in Christ to find rest, fulfillment and true peace.

“Without an ongoing, effervescent, fervent nourishment coming up on the inside of you, you will not be able to have the sustained hope and peace and joy and contentment, grace and fulfillment that you are going to require when the atmosphere of drought swirls all around you,” she said.

Shirer explained that the “drought swirls” happen when health fails, when friends betray one another, when what people worked hard for falters, when people are no longer noticed nor appreciated for the work they do, when the road gets tough and it’s harder to go through it, when the loved ones die, when ministry flounders and when hearts get broken for all that could possibly happen.

Shirer knew firsthand the drought that she has been talking about since her family had lost eight members over the last two years, which included her mother.

This is when the “seven words” of Jesus gives “continued sustenance and nourishment that you need to have a well of joy and hope that overrides during times like these.”

The evangelist gave emphasis that a believer’s firm choice to remain rooted and steady in God’s Word is the only real strength of this life.

Shirer encouraged the young believers who attended the conference to make the decision of deepening their relationship with Jesus.

“You’ve got to make a decision right now in your life, and I’ve got to make one in mine, that we’re going to continue to deepen our relationship with Jesus, every day, every single week throughout every single season – the good seasons, but also the bad, hard seasons.”

With Christianity becoming an enterprise, especially in America, Shirer also asked the crowd if they take the time to talk to Jesus, remain and hang out with Him and let their “life be immersed with His.”

The evangelist and author also urged the youth to make their friendship with the Savior the priority of their life, “over and above every ambition” that they may have.

During her message entitled, “Seven Last Words,” Shirer shared what Jesus would say for believers to “produce fruit” and weather the many storms that life brings.

“Jesus says that ‘if you want to be able to produce fruit, you don’t have to strive for it. You don’t have to work for it, you don’t have to manufacture it. You don’t have to lose sleep over it. All you have to do is concentrate on abiding, and I am going to pulse to you, give to you, offer you everything that you need to be able to live a fruitful, productive life that brings me glory.'”