Over the weekend, worship leader and conservative activist Sean Feucht brought his “Let Us Worship” concerts to Johannesburg, South Africa. The event drew over 8,000 people. In a social media post, Feucht celebrated the success of his first “Let Us Worship” event outside of the United States. “Salvations, healings, freedom from addiction, and SO MUCH HOPE AND JOY restored today,” he wrote. In South Africa, God is ALIVE and MOVING!!!” In an Instagram post showing people running to the front during the invitation, Feucht said, “It felt like 1/3 of the crowd was running to Jesus for salvation, freedom from addiction, and surrender as drugs, needles, pills and lots more was thrown on the stage. I’m undone and in awe again at the miracle power of JESUS tonight! HE JUST KEEPS ON GETTING BETTER!”

Feucht is the son of a dermatologist-turned-missionary. He was born in Montana and became a Christian on a trip to the Amazon with his father. In 2016, he signed a deal with Bethel Music and became a worship leader at Bethel Church.

Feucht caught the attention of President Donald Trump in 2019 when he launched a bid to win the Republican nomination for the Congressional seat in California’s 3rd district. He only garnered 13 percent of the vote in the primary, but he was one of the faith leaders called by President Trump to pray over him in the Oval Office during the impeachment controversy in December 2019.

The fiery worship leader came to national prominence in 2020, when he launched his “Let Us Worship” tour in response to the restrictions on churches during the COVID pandemic. He led prayer meetings and preached in places like Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle, which were sites of large Black Lives Matter protests after the killing of George Floyd.